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stay beautiful

The first FAI UK Masterclass

25 September 2018

The first FAI UK Masterclass

FAI UK exists to help Italy stay beautiful by funding restorations, but also to make Italian art better known, so we are launching a series of Masterclasses. This one is with two of London’s leading dealers.

  • At 6.30 Stuart Lochhead offered a little aperitivo, and with glass in hand, he told people the story of the Ottavio Farnese bust, the Pisano and the Algardi Corpus.


Leading London art dealer Stuart Lochhead and our trustee Anna Somers Cocks admiring the Ottavio Farnese Bust


Extraordinary Pisano’s Saint John


FAI UK Members admiring the naturalism of the Algardi Corpus.

  • At 7.15, we walked a hundred yards to Stephen Ongpin’s gallery, where he chose four Italian drawings to talk about, besides what he had on the wall. Supplied with white gloves, we could handle some drawings afterwards.

Leading London art dealer Stephen Ongpin talks about his amazing Italian gems


Putti in festa at Stephen Ongpin’ art Gallery

-Stuart Lochhead Sculpture 35 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AY
-Stephen Ongpin 6, Masons Yard, London SW1Y 6BU

For all bookings and info, write to Carolina Valmarana