At this difficult and delicate time there is one feeling that unites us: never before have we all felt Italian as we do now, close despite the distances that separate us in this emergency.


FAI UK Italian Heritage Trust, a UK registered charity that has been active since 2016, works in Britain to foster awareness and appreciation of Italy’s cultural heritage through special events and lectures and supports restoration projects for places of outstanding beauty and significance. It also organises visits to Italy that give privileged access to houses, people and collections.
FAI UK supports the work of the Italian charity FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (the National Trust for Italy) which takes care of special properties.
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Read a letter from our Chairman, William Parente, on the current COVID-19 emergency. 




FAI restores and maintains buildings and landscape in Italy acquired by donation or bequest for the benefit of present and future generations, always making sure that their future is both economically and ecologically sustainable. In 2018, nearly €17m was invested into the restoration and upkeep of these properties

FAI promotes a culture of respect for Italy’s heritage by saving, restoring, and opening buildings and tracts of countryside to the public. Currently, it has 30 properties regularly open to the public; 21 with open access (mostly protected landscape and coastline), and 10 buildings under restoration.

FAI promotes education, appreciation, awareness, and enjoyment of the nation’s environmental, natural, historic and artistic heritage

FAI monitors the protection of Italy’s natural and cultural assets. When FAI lobbies government, both central and local, its standing, efficiency, transparency and success in its stated objectives guarantees it a respectful hearing

FAI builds civil society through its network of more than 11,000 passionate volunteers, organised in 122 delegations and subdivided into 88 groups, and a further 89 youth groups across all of Italy, with a particular emphasis on grass-roots involvement. Thanks to its volunteers, FAI has grown into an organisation capable of achieving its mission and lobbying strongly for all parts of Italy

FAI & FAI UK INVITE you to join, to recruit new members, to spread the word about the work FAI is doing, and help it continue that work by being generous in your contributions.

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