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FAI Webinar – Postcards from Italy: Palazzo e Giardini Moroni

A tour of Villa Necchi Campiglio


FAI Webinar – Postcards from Italy: “Places I Love”


The “Loggia Durini” at Villa del Balbianello, Lake Como


FAI Webinar – Landscape properties of FAI

FAI Webinar – Castles and their frescoes

FAI Webinar – Villas on the lakes of Northern Italy


A tour of Villa Panza


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Villa della Porta Bozzolo, Casalzuigno (Varese)

A country mansion in the 16th century, a sumptuous summer residence in the 18th century, with its rooms decorated in Rococo style and its spectacular, monumental Italian garden, Villa Della Porta Bozzolo tells the story of a wealthy Lombard family.

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Torre e Casa Campatelli, San Gimigniano (Siena)

In San Gimignano, one of the famous towers – incorporated within an authentically furnished 18th-century palazzo – evokes the life of the Tuscan middle class of the late 19th century, narrated using sophisticated digital technologies.

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Weekend special: Tales in the Garden – Giardino della Kolymbetrha

Let’s immerse ourselves in the flavors and colors of Sicily and meet Giuseppe Lo Pilato, Property Manager of FAI – Giardino della Kolymbetra, a corner of paradise in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento where the fruits of the Mediterranean, including the “ingannaladri” oranges, grow.

Bosco di San Francesco, Assisi

An intact piece of the Umbrian countryside, a place of harmony and silence at the foot of the great Basilica of St Francis of Assisi; a walk through this landscape becomes an inner journey – one that inspired Michelangelo Pistoletto to create a stunning work of land art

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Giardino della Kolymbethra, Agrigento

Giardino della Kolymbethra is a rare archaeological and agricultural jewel; an extraordinary place that encapsulates the colours, flavours and aromas of Sicily and – through its archaeological finds and its hypogea, excavated 2500 years ago – tells the story of ancient Akragas, the city now called Agrigento.

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Weekend special: Dante and the archaeologist by Andrea Carandini

Professor Andrea Carandini, FAI President and scholar, reads his essay on “Dante and the archaeologist”.

Villa dei Vescovi, Luvigliano di Torreglia, Padua

This exquisite, early 16th-century, proto-neoclassical villa, surrounded by the landscape of the Euganean Hills and adorned with stunning frescoes, embodies a perfectly balanced fusion of nature, art and architecture, suspended between reality and illusion.

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Castello della Manta, Cuneo

Standing out against the backdrop of Monviso is a stunning, imposing medieval fortress in which the baronial hall plays host to one of the most breathtaking examples of secular late-Gothic painting, inspired by tales of chivalry.

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Weekend special: Dall’albero al frantoio nella Baia di Ieranto

Learn how the olives are harvested according to traditional and natural methods in the Baia di Ieranto, Massa Lubrense (NA). In less than 12 hours the olives pass from the tree to the milling and turn into our delicious extra-virgin olive oil.

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Villa e Collezione Panza, Varese

A 18th century mansion, whose windows look out on a magnificent Italian garden, hosts one of the foremost collections of contemporary American art, as well as international exhibitions.

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Baia di Ieranto, Massa Lubrense (Naples)

The only inlet at the end of the Sorrentine peninsula, Ieranto has provided the source for myths and legends amid the silvery green of the olive trees, the crystalline blue of the bay, the landscape of the sea stacks that it faces and the remnants of its recent industrial past.

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Weekend special: Abbazia di Cerrate reopens after the restoration

On 7th April 2018, Abbazia di Cerrate reopened for worship after restoration. Watch the video of the reopening and find more information below

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Abbazia di Cerrate, Lecce

Once a Greek orthodox monastery, then the centre of a farm, this notable example of Puglian Romanesque architecture now tells the tale of its two previous lives – one religious, the other agricultural.

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Casa Noha, Matera

Immersed in the famous Sassi, one of the ancient dwellings has become a place in which to learn all about a 1000-year-old history – that of the city of Matera, written in the porous, crumbly tufa.

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Weekend Special: Discover how we maintain FAI properties

FAI dedicates care and attention to its properties so that they can welcome you at their best. Discover how FAI maintains its properties with this short video.

Monastero di Torba, Gornate Olona (Varese)

A monumental Longobard complex, today part of an archaeology park that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, immersed in nature and centred around an imposing tower with frescoed interiors.

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Villa Fogazzaro Roi, Oria (Como)

Overlooking the Italian shore of Lake Lugano, the villa houses books and memories of the writer Antonio Fogazzaro, who wrote and set here his renowned masterpiece, “Piccolo Mondo Antico”. A secluded, intimate, 19th-century upper-middle-class residence. The exquisite and still-intact furniture, paintings and objets d’art evoke the atmosphere of the novel.

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Weekend Special: Bees in FAI Properties

Bees are precious allies that protect biodiversity and yet today they risk disappearing. For this reason FAI decided to take care of them by activating the #ProgettoApi in some of the Properties.

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Abbazia di San Fruttuoso, Camogli (Genoa)

Only 5 km from Portofino and 40 km from Genoa, the San Fruttuoso abbey is a corner of paradise you can reach only by ferry from Camogli and Rapallo or on foot. This one-time Benedictine monastery (Xth century), from the 13th century the abbey’s fate became intertwined with that of the Doria family, who renovated its design, adding the loggia and transferring here the family burial ground.

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Castello e Parco di Masino, Caravino (Turin)

Immersed within extensive grounds, this is the sumptuous residence of one of the most illustrious Piedmontese families, descended from Arduin of Ivrea, the first King of Italy; a thousand years of history encapsulated on a journey through beautifully furnished and frescoed rooms.

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Weekend Special: Planting at Villa Della Porta Bozzolo

The gardens maintained by FAI are special places that need care all year round. In the Italian garden of Villa Della Porta Bozzolo Spring begins in February, with the planting of poppies and narcissuses.

Parco di Villa Gregoriana, Tivoli

Woods, trails, ancient ruins, natural caves, a river swallowed by the rocks and a spectacular waterfall: all of this just a stone’s throw from Rome, in a park commissioned by Pope Gregory XVI in the early 19th century.

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