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For the year 2020, FAI UK has chosen to raise funds to support several restoration projects at the Abbazia di San Fruttuoso, a magnificent Benedictine Monastery of the 10th century, between mount Portofino and East Ligurian sea.

Generous contributions of Members and Donors of FAI UK can help secure important restoration activities:

– A project of landscape preservation: you may help us recover the 8 hectares of historic olive groves, supported by dry stone walls, making 800 olive trees productive again according to the principles of organic farming, restore the dry stone walls that contain the terraces, clean the terraced land of the area, build fencing to protect the land from damage caused by wild boars.

Contributions from £ 500

– An emergency architectural restoration project: we need your support to restore the columns of the lower cloister.
The small lower cloister of the Abbey of San Fruttuoso dates back to the tenth century. In the sixteenth century, the cloister was raised with a second order of columns, made with materials recovered from the Roman and medieval eras. Recently some portions have broken off.
All of the columns will be monitored and controlled and those that are more decayed will have to be consolidated and restored.

Suggested contribution £ 10,000

– The Adoption of the Hall of the Abbey is a fantastic naming opportunity.
A contribution may be devolved to the adoption of the Salone Abbaziale, the largest and most impressive room of the Abbey with an astonishing view on the San Fruttuoso bay through twin rows of Gothic triple mullioned windows. This generous donation will be devolved to the maintenance and care of one of the most fascinating properties of FAI, welcoming over 50,000 visitors a year.

Suggested contribution £ 35,000

For more information and to know about donor’s benefits please write to and we will contact you at your convenience.