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12 March 2020

The spectacular painting collection in the Savoia’s Sitting-Room has been the object of a photography campaign and a non-invasive diagnostic analysis, with the aim of verifying the state of conservation of the canvases. This examination of the paintings has been carried out in anticipation of the creation of a site of study and restoration of the paintings and frescoes, as foreseen in 2020.
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12 December 2019

Help to save Italian heritage by giving a FAI UK membership to your loved ones this Christmas. Giving someone a FAI UK Membership means the invaluable gift of cultural experiences, the discovery of new places, and the protection of Italy’s historical, artistic and natural heritage.

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12 December 2019

An exclusive tour will take place from the 8th to the 12th of May 2020: Roman Follies, (Trajan grotto) the wondrous Gardens of Ninfa, the Portus at Ostia Antica, which is still in private hands, besides little-known Trecento frescos, Romanic churches, Neoclassic palaces and Renaissance masterpieces, a feast to the eyes and a joy for the mind.

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12 December 2019

We had a very good autumn of events; starting with a special visit and drinks to the Estorick Gallery conducted by out trustee Giacomo Balsamo, inspected the Italian futuristic movement. He led our members in a private tour of masterpieces by Boccioni, Balla, Severini and Russolo.
He also unravelled the mystery of three Boccioni sculptures destroyed in 1927 and recreated this year.

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12 December 2019

For the year of 2020, FAI UK has chosen to support FAI’s restoration of the Abbazia di San Fruttuoso, a magnificent Benedictine monastery, and the surrounding olive groves. The abbey dates back to the 8th century and has its own private lodgings in a fisherman’s cottage managed by the Landmark Trust.

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12 December 2019

FAI UK’s Project of the Year (2019), the restoration of the “Sala delle Tre Finestre” at the Castello di Masino, is complete. Thanks to your support, we have been able to restore this impressive and richly-decorated room to its former glory.

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2 December 2019

As the consequences of Climate Change become increasingly evident in the city of Venice, most recently in the floods of 12 November, FAI has proposed a strategy that approaches this urgent issue with a new perspective: FAI believes that by taking better care of the Lagoon, there is still time to save Venice.

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9 October 2019

Andrea Carandini: FAI is calling for the transit of boats over forty thousand tonnes to be prohibited with immediate effect

In 2015, FAI organised a photography exhibition by Gianni Berengo Gardin in the Olivetti Showroom called ‘Monsters in Venice’, a condemnation through images of the violence that the lagoon endures every day. Today, four years on, we want to stigmatise and fight this menace: our cry for help is louder than ever. Continue reading An Endless Farewell – FAI Against the Sea Monsters in Venice’s Lagoon [..]

9 October 2019

To grant oneself a holiday in one of the lodgings managed by the Landmark Trust in FAI’s properties is also a generous gesture towards protecting the landscape’s beauty. Continue reading Discover the Lodgings in FAI Properties [..]

9 October 2019

The Garden on the Hill of ‘The Infinite’ was inaugurated on Thursday 26 September, the first FAI property in the Marche region, situated in Recanati on a hilltop that since 1837 has been named after one of the greatest poems in Italian literature, ‘The Infinite’ by Giacomo Leopardi. Continue reading Orto sul Colle dell’Infinito [..]