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A Present that Makes a Difference

12 December 2019

Help to save Italian heritage by giving a FAI UK membership to your loved ones this Christmas. Giving someone a FAI UK Membership means the invaluable gift of cultural experiences, the discovery of new places, and the protection of Italy’s historical, artistic and natural heritage.

By giving someone a FAI UK membership you are giving a present to Italy.

This Christmas, we invite you to share your love for Italy’s precious heritage with your friends and family. By choosing to give someone a FAI UK membership as a Christmas present, you are giving them the opportunity to discover, love and experience the art and culture of Italy. Not only that, but you will also be helping to protect Italian heritage for future generations.

A FAI UK Membership card allows free entry to all FAI properties in Italy, to all properties of the National Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, of the National Trust for Scotland, of the National Trust of Jersey and of the National Trusts of Australia. The card also entitles the card-holder to discounts in 1,500 Italian cultural sites, as well as Invitations to FAI UK social events and tours in the UK.

Discover the full membership benefits here.

Help us to spread awareness of FAI and FAI UK and support our projects for 2020 – together we continue to work hard to save Italy and preserve its heritage for future generations.

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