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Palazzo e Giardini Moroni: the restoration project

16 December 2022

Nestled in the center of historic Bergamo, Palazzo Moroni is a 17th century urban aristocratic palace. You can become a supporter of its restoration project: discover how.

Construction of the Palazzo began in 1636 following the wedding of Francesco Moroni to Lucrezia Roncalli. It took nearly 30 years to build the palace, which consists of three floors and mezzanines and nearly five acres of floral and vegetable gardens.

The interior of the palace is rich with frescoes and reflects the tastes of the various generations who lived there. The first set was created by Cremasque painter Giangiacomo Barbelli, who decorated the walls and ceilings in the mid 1600’s.

A second phase of decoration took place in the 19th century, when Alessandro Moroni commissioned trompe-l’oeil stuccoes featuring fanciful subjects of the classical and exotic world. The palace is also home to an exceptional art collection, which is the result of generations of art lovers in the Moroni family.

The Moroni family was full of art lovers, and the impressive collection of fine art found within the palace walls is the result of the contributions of many generations. Francesco Moroni, the founder and original owner of the palace, began the collection, but it was really Count Pietro (1793-1858) who enriched and consolidated the collection and set the stage for the monumental collection we see today. An amateur painter and protagonist of the cultural and political life in Bergamo in the 19th century, Count Pietro added the two most important pieces to the collection at Palazzo Moroni: the Portrait of Giovanni Gerolamo Grumelli (the Knight in Rose) and the Portrait of Isotta Brembati, both by the painter Giovanni Battista Moroni. Because of their historical-artistic importance, they have often been requested in national and international exhibitions: the last time in 2019, for an exhibition at the Frick Collection in New York, and in 2020 at the Fondazione Magnani Rocca in Mamiano di Traversetolo (Parma). The Moroni family has no familial connection to Giovanni Battista Moroni, despite having the same surname.

has exciting and ambitious plans for Palazzo Moroni. Other than being a spectacular piece of history, the Palazzo will become a museum, a place for education, a venue for public and private events, and a gem of tourism in the area. While work has begun, thanks in part to the generosity of Italian and international donors, the restorations needed at the Palazzo are extensive.

The various works can be divided into four categories:

  • Safety interventions (repairs, restorations and additions aimed at improving and securing the visitor experience)
  • Transformation of the palazzo into a Museum, including conservation of the various furnishings. FAI also aims to obtain regional museum recognition for the palazzo.
  • Expansion of functional spaces: restoration of the kitchen and creation of education rooms.
  • Landscaping and tower restorations

Are you interested in participating to the restoration project? Write to us at and we can tell you more about the level of donations and related benefits.

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