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Springtime in FAI properties: an explosion of colours

3 May 2021

In spring, the gardens of FAI properties are an explosion of light and colour. In anticipation of reopening, here is a photographic tour of the green areas that the Trust looks after and defends every day, in every season.

At this time of year, the gardens, parks, and green areas that FAI protects and looks after in its properties are an explosion of life, colours, and scents. An extraordinary spectacle that nature gives us every spring.  We couldn’t help but share this moment with you!

In the very centre of Milan, spring is full of surprises: at Villa Necchi Campiglio, Crocus tommasinianus have sprouted, their purple-blue corollas brightening up the evergreen carpets of Convallaria japonica.

The Epimedium perraldianum at the foot of the large Magnolia sempervirens was covered with a mass of golden yellow flowers after the winter, with the blue spikes of the Muscari armeniacum standing out in contrast.

In the flowerbeds around the swimming pool, the violets and poppies (Papaver nudicaule Wonderland) are also waking up and have opened their showy corollas in a riot of yellow and orange, swaying lightly with every movement of the air.

At Villa Della Porta Bozzolo in Casalzuigno (VA), the thousands of daffodils planted along the edges of the theatre – the large sloping lawn at the base of the perspective telescope – have blossomed as they do every year, in surreal silence. While on the terraces of the large park adjacent to the Villa the fruit trees are blooming: the candelabrum apple and pear trees.

The nineteenth-century pond in the Villa e Collezione Panza park was the focus of the early blossoming of the hanging cherry trees and the Prunus suhirtella ‘Autumnalis’, the Camellia sasanqua and the Camellia japonica, and Higo, the fragrant Calicanthus praecox and the Lonicera fragrantissima.

The spring-summer species are preparing to flower: the fuchsias, Anemone japonica, lilacs, lotuses and water lilies that float on this small body of water.

Scylla hispanica at the foot of trees in the historic carpinata.

Waiting for the rain that the clouds are announcing (at last we are seeing an end to this prolonged late winter drought!), the carpet of muscari blooms blue at the foot of the yellow forsythia.

In Bergamo’s upper city, at Palazzo Moroni, red and yellow violets, a tribute to the colours of the city, shine in the formal garden on the first terrace of the palace gardens, which were opened to the public last June.

In the second terrace of the garden, the green of the shoots and the pink of the cherry blossoms dominate the landscape together with the purple of the irises at the base of the retaining wall.

And in the Garden, we are waiting for the nectar-producing grasses to bloom in the high meadows and attract butterflies and pollinating insects;  hornbeams and figs are opening their leaves.

The Orto sul Colle dell’Infinito in Recanati, inaugurated in September 2019, is in full spring awakening: the quince in bloom, the first leaves of the figs and vines on the pergolas, the borage and marigolds and the first peas are emerging.

Welcome back, Spring! This is just a brief overview of our flowering properties. Follow us on social media, and you will discover many other attractions in the historic gardens, parks and green areas throughout Italy that we have been looking after since 1975.

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