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A letter from our Chairman, William Parente

2 April 2020

Cari amici Italiani e Britannici,

The storm is upon us. COVID-19 has caused Europe to close down, and to close its borders. Our beloved Italy has suffered and is suffering worst of all. I am sure that you will join me in sending all our friends there our love and solidarity and our fervent hopes for better times.

These times will come, and until it does, we at FAI must continue making every effort to protect and restore the heritage of the Italy that we love. The pandemic has brought into sharp focus the affection that people all over the world feel for Italy, its people and its tradition and we must, and we will, repay that trust.

On behalf of FAI I want to thank you all for your kindness and generosity and together we look forward to continuing our vital work in the future. You will read in this newsletter about the most recent work at the Parco Villa Gregoriana and Castello di Masino, and I hope it inspires you to continue with your immensely valuable support which we appreciate so much.

Yours in friendship,
William Parente

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