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Give a gift of value at Christmas: give the gift of a FAI UK membership

21 December 2021

Every membership is an important contribution that enables FAI UK to fulfil its mission of protecting and enhancing Italy’s historical, artistic and landscape heritage.

This year, at last, we can hope to return to live together with those we love this special holiday made up of family warmth, affectionate rituals, shared expectations and surprises. But what we have experienced has also united us in the awareness that each of us belongs to a single, great community to whose well-being we can contribute by preserving those resources that are a universal asset, such as Italy’s heritage of art and nature.

And so, what gift is more generous than one that can concretely help safeguard a cultural capital that belongs not only to Italy, but to the entire world?  By giving the gift of FAI UK membership each of us can participate in this great project that everyone will enjoy.

FAI UK membership is a valuable gift that also embodies the spirit of the past, because it encapsulates all of the commitment of our charity to the protection of a historical and cultural heritage that is still a source of great inspiration; the spirit of the present, because it allows people to enjoy special experiences by discovering unique places; and the spirit of the future, not only because it is a guarantee of the sustainability of Italian beauty for generations to come, but because this past inspires us to make our world better in the future.

Donating a FAI UK membership also means giving the gift of many opportunities:

  • Access to all FAI properties in Italy and to all properties of the National Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland and, the National Trust of Jersey, the National Trust of Scotland and the National Trusts of Australia
  • Discounts in 1,600 Italian cultural sites (see – in Italian)
  • Invitations to events in London organized by FAI UK
  • For Supporter level members: priority booking to FAI UK tours to Italy and free entry and priority access to the Louvre Museum in Paris

Every year this period reminds us that the real gift is that of being together and that, in addition to affection, sharing common ideals generates the real magic of Christmas: that feeling of trust that allows us to achieve great things together, just as our charity does thanks to the large family of its members and donors.

To give the gift of FAI UK membership click here.

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