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I luoghi del cuore

30 March 2019

In 2018, 37,237 individual locations were nominated and voted for, some because of their outstanding natural beauty, some because of their cultural significance and others because voters see that they are threatened in some way. We are delighted by this huge response as it shows the true breadth and diversity of Italy, as well as the passion that people feel for their favourite places. The winner of this year’s vote is Monte Pisano, a modest-sized mountain range in northern Tuscany, separating Pisa and Lucca. This much loved place is dotted with medieval villages and picturesque ruins, and is well known for its olives and porcini mushrooms.

Now that the results of the survey have been announced, the next stage of the contest begins. The sites that claimed first, second and third place have the opportunity to receive grants of €50,000, €40,000 and €30,000 respectively, as long as their spokespeople can prove that they have need of it and provide a practical plan detailing how the funds would be used. Next, the representatives of the sites that received 2,000 or more votes can make a grant application to FAI for a restoration and enhancement operation.  In collaboration with the regional secretaries for the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, FAI and Intesa Sanpaolo bank (the project sponsor) will select the most compelling cases and announce who has won their support by the end of November 2019. To see the list of the places that most inspired our voters and find out more reasons to love Italy, click here.

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