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Foto Anna Molteni 2016 -(C) FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano

Summer in FAI properties. Experience it and be enchanted

1 June 2019

More than 200 events are happening in 23 properties as part of our FAI Summer Evenings Programme.

At FAI we like to find ways to celebrate the different characters of the seasons and the distinct beauty that each brings to Italy’s landscape. Following on from the success of the FAI Spring Days, when the doors of many of the country’s hidden architectural treasures were opened to the public under clear Spring skies and with flowers in full bloom, we now take advantage of the balmy Mediterranean weather with our FAI Summer Evenings. The fourth edition of this programme has an even more varied itinerary than the last, and with fireflies, moonlight, music, aperitivi and special visits, you can expect unforgettable evenings.

We would be delighted if FAI UK members joined in these festivities, which are taking place in FAI properties all over Italy from 21st June to 1st September. They are a wonderful opportunity to experience more of the natural beauty and cultural depth of our country.

Find the list of FAI Summer Evenings here.

Highlights of Events in FAI Properties this Summer

Stellata Allea Masino. Foto Gabriele Barbero 2015 (C) FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

10th August – The Day of San Lorenzo – Be an Astronomer for a Night

Join us in following the stars at a FAI property and be dazzled. On the evening of the feast of San Lorenzo, which is famous for its shooting stars, certain FAI properties will become dedicated locations for observing the night sky, with encounters and talks about the stars. The evening will be a truly rare experience, with guided visits, educational workshops and aperitivi. 


Oasi Zegna. Foto (C) Fondazione Zegna

 8th September – A Day of Panoramas – Eyes on the Horizon

A Sunday of celebrations dedicated to the glories of the Italian landscape, promoted by FAI and the Fondazione Zegna. With the help of knowledgeable local guides and with workshops for children, this will be a day for immersing yourself in nature, exploring and experiencing the beauty of the panorama. This celebration was established with the aim of increasing appreciation of the natural environment and awareness of the need to cherish and care for it by discovering more about exceptional places such as the Castello di Masino and the Oasi Zegna. 


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