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Tre finestre - Masino - Foto Roberto Morelli (C) FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano

We’ve reached our goal!

12 December 2019

FAI UK’s Project of the Year (2019), the restoration of the “Sala delle Tre Finestre” at the Castello di Masino, is complete. Thanks to your support, we have been able to restore this impressive and richly-decorated room to its former glory.

An update on the project at the Castello di Masino

We are delighted to announce that the restoration works at the Castello di Masino have been completed, thanks to the generous 35,000 euros donated by FAI UK members and donors towards our project for 2019. Without your support, the realisation of this project would have been impossible.

FAI UK’s restoration project has focused mainly on the restoration of the room known as the “Sala delle Tre Finestre” (room of three windows). The decorative scheme of the Sala delle Tre Finestre was devised by a painter and set designer active in 1790s Turin, Gaetano Vigna (and his studio). It consists of panels with grotesques of caryatids, small glimpses of landscapes, and animals, sphinxes, and dragons. The marble fireplace, the seat furniture, small mahogany tables with motifs modelled in white rice-powder and stucco, and the impressive wooden door with its plaster ornament complete the neo-classical setting. During the restoration works, the frescoed surfaces were cleaned, the walls consolidated, the ceiling and floor restored, and the historic furnishings reinstalled. The most recent works have involved the delicate work of integrating colour into the painted decorations and has restored clarity to the entire decoration, thus recovering the space’s extraordinary beauty.

We are ever so grateful for the contributions that have helped us to complete this project and restore the room to its former glory. We hope that our generous donors will be able to visit the beautiful Castello di Masino soon and see for themselves the difference they have made to one of the most impressive parts of the castle.

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