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FAI reopens its properties with safety paramount

29 June 2020

Italy has finally reopened after many months of lockdown. Since the end of May, also FAI has been reopening its Properties.

We all couldn’t wait to spend some days in touch with nature, walking in a forest or in a blooming garden, and to enjoy the discovery of a location full of art and culture spot. We have been looking forward to fulfilling the desire to rediscover our beautiful artistic and natural heritage.

In particular, on the 2nd of June, on our National Republic Day, FAI re-opened its Properties, asking for a voluntary contribution, to celebrate all together the strength of Italy that looks at the future with hope.
We offered to our visitors a special day in the magnificent places that FAI curates all over Italy, and that represent the inestimable historic, artistic, and landscaping heritage, in which the entire Country identify.

During the lockdown weeks, beyond continuing the work of care of FAI Properties, we have been working to offer to our visitors a rich and safe experience, to keep everyone safe. With the aim to avoid queues and gatherings, we extended the opening hours and planned fixed-quota admissions. For this reason, we have created a mandatory online-booking-system based on time slots. We have dutifully applied all the rules that are needed to guarantee a safe and relaxed experience to everyone.

At the moment of the online-booking, it will be possible to download directly on your smartphone many informative materials: expository documents, audio-podcast guided tours made by special professional guides, short video tales, walking or cycling itineraries suggestions around the Properties – that will allow you to extend the visit and maybe organise an entire open day outside in the nature.

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